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Donít Trust the Care and Transport of Your Fine Art with Just Anyone

Itís moving day and everything seems to be taken care of from the packing of the goods to the scheduling of the movers. Everything is labeled for easy identification and it should be a relatively smooth transition to say the least. All of the important documents are secured, the delicate glass is properly labeled as fragile items and now you can take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. Wait a second, there seems to be something out of place or not properly prepared for shipping.


Designer Art Work Moves Easily When Done the Proper Way

Does the task of moving come easily to anyone? Only if they have no items to pack or transport because otherwise, it can be a headache for almost everyone. To make matters even worse, what happens when there is a piece or maybe more of fine art that needs to be moved.


Find A Crating Company That Personifies Excellence In The Crating Process.

Art shipping and crating services are essential when needing to ship or store your artwork. Select a company that does both: ship well and pack well! To find the best option in a company for art shipping and crating in Orange County, here are some key things you should look for:


Why Use Climate Control Art Storage in Los Angeles?

Natural offenders are lurking to eat away at your precious pottery, framed and unframed wall art, sculptures, and the like. These natural offenders are rust, mold, dust, and fungi. At the roots of the problem are high humidity and poor air quality. Remove the opportunity of these natural offenders to harm your precious artwork by storing your art in a climate control storage facility.


4 Important Factors To Consider When Selecting A Fine Art Storage Company

When selecting a company for fine art storage in Los Angeles for your museum art or individual pieces there are 4 important factors to consider:


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