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Donít Trust the Care and Transport of Your Fine Art with Just Anyone

Itís moving day and everything seems to be taken care of from the packing of the goods to the scheduling of the movers. Everything is labeled for easy identification and it should be a relatively smooth transition to say the least. All of the important documents are secured, the delicate glass is properly labeled as fragile items and now you can take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. Wait a second, there seems to be something out of place or not properly prepared for shipping. In the corner, frivolously wrapped in yesterdayís paper are your two favorite pieces of fine art. This canít be happening at this very moment because youíre preparing to hit the road but not without proper crating or storage of your fine art.

The Important Decision

It is never a good idea to transport fine art without the proper protection in place. Doing so could lead to even larger or more massive problems. It may be best to consider shipping arrangements for the artwork. This at least means it will be properly secured inside of the necessary crating materials or at least stored in an area that is safe until you are able to arrange for pick-up or shipping. This isnít a decision to be taken lightly because fine art is a very serious matter that deserves quality attention.
Whatever decision you reach, make sure that the fine art will be in a suitable environment at all times but especially during shipping.

Go the Distance

Many art lovers of Orange County are familiar with the advantages that are presented by shipping and crating companies in the area. These companies provide a detailed approach to the process of crating and shipping of fine art. Distance isnít a factor when preparing a product to be shipped because the most important element is the ultimate protection. If you wonít have proper storage or display space in the place youíre going, by all means utilize the storage facilities that specialize in fine art storage.
They have controlled temperatures for the products to keep them from enduring extreme temperatures. Protect the value of your art assets during a move and you wonít run the risk of incurring expenses related to the damage caused by improper shipping. Fine art work has a way of changing the ambiance of a space. Go the distance and give it the space it deserves.


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