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"My painting arrived and I have to say that you folks did the best job I have ever seen in packing a piece of art!"

-Dale Ruff

blanket wrap furnishings

Blanket Wrap Furnishings For Artwork

Offering more than four decades of combined experience to art owners, dealers, and curators in the Los Angeles area and beyond, Art Pack provides specialty transport options like safe and well-padded blanket wrap furnishings for your valuable framed art or three-dimensional sculptures.

Reasons to Choose This Method

Although we also offer custom-built and reusable crates that can be used to safely move artwork, some of our customers prefer to learn more about blanket wrap furnishings instead. They might work better for you if the item youíre trying to move is very fragile, and characterized by a strange shape. Itís also a good solution if youíd like your artwork to only come in contact with soft material during the shipping process.

Blanket Wrapping May Be Best for Your Situation

Perhaps you are trying to choose the best way to move a large piece of art from one residence to another, or just want to make sure it arrives safely at a short-term exhibition. The team at Art Pack is able to propose customized options.

Let us help you come to an informed decision about whether to wrap a soft blanket around your piece to transport it, or put it securely inside a crate. Whenever youíre dealing with shipping or receiving a valuable piece of art, itís natural to have questions. Our expertise can help answer them.

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We proudly serve the entire Southern California region and are ready to help you find a way to safely transport valuables like fine paintings, sculptures, and memorabilia. Request a free quote by calling us today. We are looking forward to helping you find suitable solutions.

Blanket Wrap Furnishings


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