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Who Needs White Glove Service In Los Angeles California?

White Glove Service In Los Angeles or anywhere else is a phrase that we have probably all heard used from time to time and our reaction is to assume that it is referring to some sort of special service. This is a product of our cultural thinking in so much as we have a mental picture of the old fashioned butler serving the lord of a manor while wearing a pair of white gloves so as not to sully anything with the touch of his bare hand. The white gloves would also show if the servant has just been blacking boots before handing you a sandwich. The whole thing reeks of snobbery and the upper classes (despite documentary film showing men in white gloves forcing commuters through the doors of the subway trains in Tokyo).

These days, the term white glove service is much favoured by the logistics sector to praise their shipment and delivery services. You might think that any carrier would automatically provide first rate services making the term somewhat redundant but White Glove Service For Los Angeles is being offered with an implication that anything shipped that way will receive the very best of the best treatment throughout the process.

Shipping Fragile And/Or Valuable Consignments

It is in this area that white glove service begins to make more sense. For example, a carrier can offer a safe and guaranteed shipment service that will be perfectly satisfactory for delivering cases of canned goods from an online store to the customer's home. But, should the cargo be a painting or an antique vase; the same carrier might offer a premium service where extra care and attention is taken all the way from “A” to “B”. It is quite likely that this premium service would be called their “white glove” service.

Works Of Art

People have a long history of appreciating art and owning some for the pleasure of being able to look at in their homes and this is certainly true in LA today. Moreover, because art is unique; some pieces acquire a much higher monetary value than others which can lead to art collections being treated as investments.

Should an owner of pieces of art be contemplating moving house within the general LA area; he may trust a regular service to pack up and transport his basic furnishings and appliances – but, what about his valuable and delicate art collection? If he opts for a White Glove Service For Los Angeles art removals, he will get: -

  • his art collection uninstalled from its display places;
  • carefully packed with all suitable wrapping and protective packaging;
  • secure and smooth transport to its new home;
  • careful unpacking and installation in new display arrangements;
  • full clean up and removal of all packaging materials.

That is the meaning of White Glove Service In Los Angeles when it comes to works of art.


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